Jason, our hero, pilots a one man submarine to investigate a deep sea disturbance and is pulled inside. He awakes on the shores of a kingdom ruled by a traditionalist King Minos, and his power hungry, manipulative Queen Pasiphae. They called their kingdom Atlantis: a world where gods smite, legendary creatures guard dangerous curses and life is not fair, but it is still possible for heroes and justice to prevail. Jason is given shelter by a couple of unlucky and largely unemployed locals: Pythagoras – a young intellectual who enjoys beautiful triangles, and the rotund, ex-prize fighter Hercules – a hopeless romantic who spends most of his time in taverns. The three of them encounter monsters, gods and demigods, as they live the Classical myths and battle to do good and protect the innocent. Along the way the pick up some allies including Medusa – a palace maid, Ariadne, daughter of the King and heir to the throne, and a mysterious Oracle who seems unsurprised at Jason’s arrival. The Oracle predicts a world changing destiny in store for Jason if he stays on the right path.

Production Co: Moonlighting Films
Director: Tony Mitchell
Costume Designer: Moira Meyer

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